University of Texas Student Chapter

In order to be a member of the MRS Student Chapter, please register as a student member of the national MRS organization.  The annual membership fee is $30, and for each new member the national MRS will give our student chapter $10 of that fee to host events and speakers.  To sign up, visit the following website:[0]&p_colname=p_last_nm&p_varname=p_val_arr[1]&p_colname=p_alias&p_varname=p_val_arr[2]&p_colname=p_login_id&p_varname=p_val_arr[3]&p_colname=p_passwd&p_context=MEMSSA_INDIVIDUAL&p_success_url=memssaord.wizstep1%3Fp_cust_id%3D__CUSTID__

After registering as a student member of MRS, let us know! Contact any one of our officers so we’ll be able to notify you of future events and opportunities.